Selected Papers

  1. Jae-Yeol Joo, Katie Schaukowitch, Lukas Farbiak, Gokhul Kilaru, and Tae-Kyung Kim Stimulus-specific combinatorial functionality of neuronal c-fos enhancers. Nature Neuroscience 19(1):75-83 (2016)
  2. Katie Schaukowitch*, Jae-Yeol Joo*, Xihui Liu, Jonathan K. Watts, Carlos Martinez, and Tae-Kyung Kim Enhancer RNA Facilitates NELF Release from Immediate Early Genes. Molecular Cell 56(1):29-42 (2014). *Co-first author This paper previewed by “eRNAs lure NELF from paused polymerases” Molecular Cell 56(1):3-4 (2014)
  3. Sung-Hyun Kim+, Sumin Yang+, Key-Hwan Lim+, Euiseng Ko , Hyun-Jun Jang , Mingon Kang , Pann-Ghill Suh, and Jae-Yeol Joo*  Prediction of Alzheimer's disease specific phospholipase c gamma-1 SNV by deep learning based approach for high-throughput screening. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. Jan 19: 118(3) e2011250118 (2021). *Corresponding author 
  4. Sumin Yang+, Key-Hwan Lim+, Sung-Hyun Kim, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Molecular landscape of long noncoding RNAs in brain disorders. Molecular Psychiatry Apr;26(4):1060-1074(2021). *Corresponding author
  5. Sung-Hyun Kim+, Key-Hwan Lim+, Sumin Yang, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Long non-coding RNAs in brain tumors: Roles and potential as therapeutic targets.  Journal of Hematology & Oncology May 12; 14(1):77 (2021). *Corresponding author
  6. Key-Hwan Lim, Sumin Yang, Sung-Hyun Kim, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Elevation of Ace2 as a SARS-CoV-2 entry receptor gene expression in Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Infection Jun 30:S0163-4453(20)30453-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2020.06.072.(2020) *Corresponding author 
  7. Key-Hwan Lim+, Sumin Yang+, Sung-Hyun Kim+, Euiseong Ko, Mingon Kang, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Cryptic mutation in phospholipase C of brain disorders: up-to-date discoveries and deep-learning-based approach. BrainApr 19;146(4):1267-1280. doi: 10.1093/brain/awac451. (2023). *Corresponding author
  8. Sumin Yang+, Sung-Hyun Kim+, Eunjeong Yang, Mingon Kang, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Molecular insights of regulatory RNA in cellular machinery. Experimental & Molecular Medicine. Jun 14; 56(6):1-15.

    *Corresponding author 



  1. Jung-Mi Oh, HyunHo Yoon, Jae-Yeol Joo, Wan-Taek Im and Sungkun Chun. Therapeutic Potential of Ginseng Leaf Extract in Inhibiting Mast Cell-Mediated Allergic Inflammation and Atopic dermatitis-like skin inflammation in DNCB-Treated Mice
  2. Frontiers in Pharmacology. May 22; 15:1403285. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2024.1403285 (2024)
  3. Sung-Hyun Kim+, Sumin Yang+, Eunjeong Yang, Mingon Kang, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Potent of strategic approaches for tauopathies ranging from single cell transcriptome to microbiome. 
  4. Animal Cells and Systems. Nov 27; 27(1):378-393. doi.10.1080/19768354.2023.2285826 (2023) *Corresponding author
  5. Sumin Yang+, Sung-Hyun Kim+, Mingon Kang, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Harnessing deep learning into hidden mutations of neurological disorders for therapeutic challenges. 
  6. Archives of Pharmacal Research. Jun 1;46:535-549 doi: 10.1007/s12272-023-01450-5. (2023) *Corresponding author 07/s12272-023-01450-5. (2023) *Corresponding authorpages doi: 10.1007/s12272-023-01450-5. (2023) *Corresponding authorpages doi: 10.1007/s12272-023-01450-5. (2023) *Corresponding author
  1. Sung-Hyun Kim+, Key-Hwan Lim+, Sumin Yang+, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Boosting of tau protein aggregation by CD40 and CD48 gene expression in Alzheimer's disease. 
  2. FASEB JournalJan;37(1):e22702. doi: 10.1096/fj.202201197R. (2023) *Corresponding author
  3. Jae-Yeol Joo*, Key-Hwan Lim, Sumin Yang, Sung-Hyun Kim, Lucio Cocco, and Pann-Ghill Suh* Prediction of genetic alteration of Phospholipase C Isozymes in Brain disorders: Studies with deep learning 
  4. Adv. Biol. Regul. Dec 1; (82):100833 (2021). *Co-corresponding author
  5. Key-Hwan Lim+, Sumin Yang+, Sung-Hyun Kim, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Identifying new COVID-19 receptor Neuropilin-1 in severe Alzheimer’s diseases patients group brain using genome-wide association study approach. 
  6. Frontiers in Genetics Oct 21:12:741175. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2021.741175. (2021). *Corresponding author
  7. Key-Hwan Lim+, Sung-Hyun Kim+, Sumin Yang+, Sungkun Chun, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Advances in multiplex PCR for Alzheimer's disease diagnostics targeting CDK genes.  
  8. Neuroscience Letters Apr 1;749:135715 (2021). *Corresponding author
  9. Key-Hwan Lim, Sumin Yang+, Sung-Hyun Kim+, Sungkun Chun, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Discoveries for long non-coding RNA dynamics in traumatic brain injury. 
  10. Biology Dec 10: 9(12), 458 (2020). *Corresponding author 
  11. Key-Hwan Lim, and Jae-Yeol Joo* Predictive Potential of Circulating Ube2h mRNA as an E2 Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme for Diagnosis or Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease 
  12. Int. J. Mol. Sci. May 11: 21(9): 3398 (2020). *Corresponding author 
  13. Key-Hwan Lim, Jae-Yeol Joo, and Kwang-Hyun Baek The potential roles of deubiquitinating enzymes in brain disease. 
  14. Ageing Research Reviews May 26: doi: 10.1016/j.arr.2020.101088. (2020)
  15. Katie Schaukowitch*, Jae-Yeol Joo*, and Tae-Kyung Kim UV-RNA Immunoprecipitation(UV-RIP) Protocol in Neurons. 
  16. Method`s in Molecular Biology.1468:33-38(2017). *Equal contribution (Invited)
  17. Katie Schaukowitch, Austin Reese, Seung-Kyoon Kim, Gokhul Kilaru, Jae-Yeol Joo, Ege Kavalali, and Tae-Kyung Kim An intrinsic transcriptional program underlying synaptic scaling during activity suppression. 
  18. Cell Reports.18(6):1512-1526 (2017)
  19. Parkyong Song, Yonghoon Kwon, Jae-Yeol Joo, Do-Geun Kim, and Jong Hyuk Yoon Secretomics to Discover Regulators In Diseases 
  20. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20(16): 3893 (2019)
  21. Misato Yasumura, Tomoyuki Yoshida, Sung-Jin Lee, Takeshi Uemura, Jae-Yeol Joo, and Masayoshi Mishina. Glutamate receptor δ1 induces preferentially inhibitory presynaptic differentiation of cortical neurons by interacting with neurexinsthrough cerebellinprecursor protein (Cbln) subtypes. 
  22. Journal of Neurochem. 121(5):705-16 (2012)
  23. Jae-Yeol Joo*, Sung-Jin Lee*, Takeshi Uemura*, Tomoyuki Yoshida, Misato Yasumura, Masahiko Watanabe, and Masayoshi Mishina. Differential Interactions of Cerebellin Precursor Protein (Cbln) Subtypes and Neurexin Variants for Synapse Formation of Cortical Neurons. 
  24. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 406(4):627-32(2011). *Co-first author
  25. Jae-Yeol Joo*, Byung-Woo Kim*, Jeong-Sik Lee*,Jin-Yong Park, Sunoh Kim, Young-Joo Yun, Sang-Hun Lee, Suk-Ho Lee, Hye whon Rhim, and Hyeon Son. Activation of NMDA receptors increases proliferation and differentiation of hippocampal neural progenitorcells. 
  26. Journal of Cell Science.120(Pt8):1358-70(2007). *Co-first author
  27. Jong Bin Kim*, Jae-Yeol Joo*, Ju Hee Kim, Think-You Kim, Byung-Hwan Yang, Yong-Sung Lee, and Hyeon Son. Dexamethasone inhibits proliferation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis in vivo and in vitro. 
  28. Brain Res.1027(1-2):1-10(2004). *Co-first author


  1. 알츠하이머 질환의 진단 또는 치료를 위한 Ube2h의 용도 Use of Ube2h for Diagnosis or Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Patent Number 10-2202120
  2. 알츠하이머 질환의 진단을 위한 Eef1a1의 용도 Use of Eef1a1 for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Patent Number 10-2349630
  3. 알츠하이머 질환의 진단 또는 치료를 위한 SCARNA13의 용도 Use of SCARNA13 for Diagnosis or Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Application Number 10-2349630
  4. 멀티플렉스 PCR 플랫폼 기반의 알츠하이머 질환 진단을 위한 신규한 마커 조성물 및 이의 용도 Novel biomarker composition for diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease based on multiplex PCR platform Application Number 10-2020-0105229
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